All our consulting activities are propelled through our TIM©  three-stage quality method, which can be applied to the project as a whole as well as to its discreet parts:

Think: analysis of the Client's or the project's situation, identifying the best practices available, identifying and agreeing on the approach, while thinking through its implications to the end deliverables and to project impact;

Implement: the actual approach is used to implement the work to be performed;

Measure: at least at the project's major milestones, the impact and the adequacy of the approach are measured and conclusions drawn. The cycle can start again from there to fine-tune the project in progress.

Our method serves also to list the types of project of the different business lines, depending where the emphasis of the need lies (see our services for more information).

We have different delivery modalities, which can be combined, according to the Client's wishes and appropriateness to the consulting needs:

Body shopping: a straightforward staffing of consulting activities, based on time and material agreements;

Fixed Price: a fixed price, fixed deliverable agreement, where the Client sources out the actual execution of the project, while keeping a steering position as to the progress of the deliverables and results as agreed;

Products: certain existing Perform consulting solutions may be sourced as packaged products, in function of agreed-on performance results from its application within the Client's organization;

Innovation: whether a Public Authority wanting to research or develop innovative consulting practices or products, or a private Client wanting to innovate or lead in a specific consulting best practice, Perform can provide an innovation platform;

Training: if a Client has internal capacity to execute the project, but needs  specific capacity-building in one of Perform's knowledge areas, ad-hoc or structural training can be provided;

Other: if another delivery modality or a combination is needed, please contact us.